The Male is NOT Like the Female

Mohamed Ghilan The Male is NOT Like the Female

Modern culture can be characterized as one that elevates feeling over fact and equivocates between equality of opportunity and equality of outcome. Islamic cosmology and the Quran teach that the male and the female are equal, yet different opposing parts of a whole. Their relationship is that of complementarity as opposed to sameness.

Despite the indefatigable efforts to attribute all differences between men and women to social roles imposed by culture and upbringing, studies in the fields of anatomy, neuroscience, psychology, and social psychology have established that nature plays an important role in producing differences that make men and women as collective group significantly different from each other in some key areas. Though a spectrum may exist in some of their traits, men and women are each distinct from one another and these differences give rise to differences in disease, behaviour, and what they consider as priorities in life.

Topics addressed in this episode include the cosmological role and status of women in Revelation and Prophethood, impact of sex hormones on brain development, emergence of sex differences between boys and girls, differences in personality traits between men and women, and how these underlie the gender pay gap.

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